27 April, 2016

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25 April, 2016

The survey is now closed and we will be posting the results shortly.  To all who participated, thank you!

You may have noticed a new search box, powered by Google, at the top of the page.  We hope this will make it easier to find memorabilia that might otherwise remain hidden from view.  Please drop us a line if you encounter any problems with this new search tool.

16 April, 2016

If you have completed the survey (see April 11 post below), thank you.  If you have not, you have one more week before the survey closes and we begin examining and analyzing your input.  Remember, “Decisions are made by those who show up!”  (A good motto in an election year 🙂 )  Click the link to start the survey.


11 April, 2016

Survey Time

It’s only been a week since our latest Alumni Picnic but we’re already thinking about the fall gathering. Please take a minute and answer five quick questions to help us plan. We respect your privacy and no personal information will be gathered unless you choose to include your contact information. Click the link to start the survey.


5 April, 2016
Spring Alumni Picnic Recap

The turnout was smaller than expected (at times the number of former staff exceeded former students) but we heard no complaints and a good time seemed to have been had by all. In fact, plans are already underway for a Fall picnic 🙂

A special shout out to Cabrona Pero Cariñoza (AKA Liberti Moreno) for securing the reservations and beer permit and to Tom Anderson for providing the beer! And a special thank you to all who donated to the picnic fund. A couple of those donations were quite generous and helped us cover the cost of reserving the ramada.

The new photo album has been posted.  Check it out at 2016 Spring Alumni Picnic Gallery or find it on Facebook at Spring Alumni Picnic Facebook Album

In the next few days we’ll be posting a link to a very short survey asking for your advice/opinion about the day/date/location of the Fall picnic so keep checking back.

See you in the Fall!

John “C”

Side Note: while examining the name tags, trying to tag the photos, I realized that even though the turnout was small, FOUR DECADES of former students and staff were represented. Not too shabby!


Panorama 85-6