Panorama 85-6

2 February, 2017

Happy Groundhog Day Fellow MOREons!

If a groundhog sees its shadow there’s six more weeks of winter, if not, spring is only a month and a half away (or something like that.)  In any case, before it gets too damned hot it’s time to announce the upcoming Spring Alumni Picnic!*

Put a big schulenheiser** on your calendar for Sunday April 30, 2017 and join us at La Madera Park for a gathering of family and friends.

Sunday, April 30
La Madera Park
2700 E La Madera Dr.
12:00 – 5:00 or thereabouts

This time we’re picnicking on a Sunday in hopes that we can see some new (old) faces.

La Madera is a popular park (we’ve had nothing but compliments) and it’s frequently booked up so once again put your hands together and thank Liberti Moreno for securing a reservation almost before the ants had carried off the debris from the last picnic.


The park has only one ramada (so it will be easy to find us), lots of shade, a nice playground (so bring the kids), basketball and even horseshoes. This time we will remember to bring the horseshoes and maybe we can talk Franz into giving lessons 🙂

The Ramada has a grill and we’ll bring charcoal and BBQ tools. (We may even spring for a small keg and a few burgers and dogs.) Each time we’ve had a picnic we asked that you bring food for yourselves and a bit more to share and we’ve always had plenty to go around. (Tucson Parks and Rec has a no glass bottle policy so if you bring beverages, please stick to plastic or metal containers.)

WE NEED YOUR HELP NOTIFYING OUR FELLOW ALUMNI! If you know of any alumni (alumnus?) that doesn’t frequent Facebook or, please extend a personal invitation and ask them to visit this site or “like” the Project MORE Alumni Facebook page so they get an invitation and updates!

We’re still trying to track down several items of memorabilia. If you have any of the following you would be willing to loan us, please bring them to the picnic. We promise to take good care of them and will return them as soon as they are copied or scanned. Wanted items include:

Graduation Programs
Any pre-1986
1991 and 2003

Graduation Videos
Any pre-1991
1994, 1998 and 2001

Photographs and any other memorabilia
Any you wish to share (be sure to clearly mark your name so they can be returned.)

See you April 30!

*Formally called the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. First Annual Alumni Picnic but we lost count 🙁

**schulenheiser: not sure if it’s a real word but it sounds better than “mark your calendar.” Besides, it’s fun to say “schulenheiser”