12 February, 2020

In the Spring a young person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of …. the Project MORE Alumni annual picnic (Apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

Put a big schulenheiser* on your calendar and plan on joining us for an afternoon of camaraderie and bonhomie!

Saturday April 18, 2020
Ft Lowell Park
Ramada #1
11:00 am (ish) – 4:00 pm (ish)

We’re at Ft. Lowell Park, Ramada 1 (by the playground) again this year and as always, will bring the usual picnic supplies. We’ll have burgers and dogs and drinks (and if we run low, we’ll send out for MORE.)

If you can bring a side dish, great! If you can’t, please come anyway! (Sorry, we can’t provide special diets.)

This is a family event so bring the kids!

(Tucson Parks and Rec has a no glass bottle policy so if you bring beverages, please stick to plastic or metal containers.)

As always WE NEED YOUR HELP NOTIFYING OUR FELLOW ALUMNI! If you know of any alumni (alumnus?) who don’t frequent Facebook or projectmorealumni.com (Luddites!), please extend a personal invitation and ask them to get on line and “like” the Project MORE Alumni Facebook page so they receive an invitation and updates!

Over the last few years, several more pieces of memorabilia were donated and uploaded to the website. If you have anything you’d like to share, please bring it to the picnic. We promise to take good care of it and will return it as soon as it’s copied or scanned.

See you April 18!

*schulenheiser: not sure if it’s a real word but it sounds better than “mark your calendar.” Besides, it’s fun to say “schulenheiser”

16 January, 2020

Happy New Year fellow MOREons!

Good news to start the “Roaring 20’s” … a copy of the long missing 1994 Video Yearbook and Graduation Ceremony tape has been found and is available for viewing on the Project MORE alumni website. The original master copy remains missing so these digitized copies of the copy are less than quality video, but they’re better than nothing

Check them out at


BTW check back soon for an announcement of the dates for the 2020 alumni picnic!


24 December, 2019

Sad news this Christmas Eve.

Mike Shack (PM ’90) reports that fellow MOREon Andy Sauers (PM ’93) died suddenly Monday night.  No details.

Requiescat In Pace Andy.

Added 25 Dec.
Andy graced the color cover of the first issue of the newly designed Tucson Citizen Calendar section (Sept. 6, 1990.)  I had the original hanging on my office wall for decades, but alas, it was lost when I retired.  Here’s a  B&W reproduction, but the lack of color really doesn’t do him justice.

John ‘C’

1 December, 2019

Fred’s Obituary

16 November, 2019

Sad news as the year draws to a close.

Tom Anderson reports long time Alt. Ed. teacher and all around good guy Fred McConnell (Cherry Field, Senior High Accommodation & PACE) lost his fight with cancer and died this morning. No details available at this time.

Requiescat In Pace Fred.


From John Kundrat

Fred’s haiku

Fun Fred McConnell
“ don’t give a shit “
But he did …


3 November, 2019

Newly Added: History

To say times have changed would be an understatement.  Institutional memory is being lost and there are no administrators, teachers or staff employed in TUSD who witnessed MORE’s founding and evolution.  Those currently associated with the school may find the documents in this section quite baffling, as little (if anything) remains of the original Project M.O.R.E. save for the name.

We’re asking any old-timers who experienced the evolution of M.O.R.E. and wish to share their stories, to contact us via the link in the left column. Those stories will be compiled and included in the History section for preservation.

30 October, 2019

Blast from the past … Project M.O.R.E. Staff, circa 1989

L to R
Standing: John K, Kathy, Joe, Pat, Pam, Ed, Bob, Maenelle, Vicki, Annie, Franz, John C, Tom, Jesus
Kneeling: Del, Jim, Mary, Olga

21 October, 2019

Newly Added ….

To say times have changed would be an understatement.  There are no administrators, teachers or staff employed in TUSD with any institutional memory of the founding and early years of Project M.O.R.E.  Those currently associated with the school may find the documents in this section quite baffling, as little (if anything) remains of the original Project M.O.R.E., save for the name.  To keep the memory alive, a new History page has been added to the drop-down menus.  Check out some of the original Project M.O.R.E. documents.


20 October, 2019

Special thanks to Tom Anderson for digging deep into his archives and pulling out some memorable memorabilia.

Park Avenue Journal – May 1995
Park Avenue Journal – October 1995
Park Avenue Journal – Dec. 1995

These and more can be found under the Publications tab.


19 October, 2019

Newly Added …

TYP Vol. 8 No. 1 2010-11
TYP Vol. 7 No. 1 2009-10


22 September, 2019

A whole lot of updating is going on …

Latest additions:

2011 Yearbook
2011 Senior Class Picture
TYP Magazines (2)
2008 Senior Class Picture (Extracted from TYP Magazine)

Latest updates:

Re-scanned for clarity and easier downloading

1981-2 Yearbook
1984 Yearbook
1999 Yearbook
2001 Yearbook

Absent Friends was updated

Photo Albums updated for easier viewing and downloading

Menus adjusted for easier selection

Park Avenue Journals (Publications menu) have been reformatted for easier viewing and downloading.



28 April, 2019

Pretty good turnout for the 2019 Alumni Picnic! The “old-timers” were well represented, going waaaaaaay back to 1976! (Not to mention the well seasoned faculty.) We missed a few people in the pics; John Kundrat, Deryl Shipp, Mike Esser and perhaps others. Oh well, we’ll catch them next time.

Speaking of next time, in order to avoid the heat, we will definitely move the date of the 2020 picnic to earlier or later in the year.

Special thanks to cabrona pero cariñoza (AKA Liberti Moreno) and Tom Anderson for their help in organizing, securing permits and, of course, the beer 🙂

See you next year!

John “C”

Click the group shot below to open a 2019 Alumni Picnic slideshow.