19 July, 2021

Major revisions to the website have been completed so it should now be responsive on handheld devices.  The revisions necessitated slight changes to the look of the site, but all content remains.  Many small adjustments still have to be done but August 1 is still the expected date for final completion.

One change you may immediately notice is the long list of posts, some going back years, have been moved from the Home page to the “archives.”  The archives may be accessed through the navigation menu in the left column.

Check back occasionally to see the “work in progress.” (You may need to clear your browser’s cache to see the changes.)  Until then, this site is still “Under Construction.”

22 June, 2021

Greetings fellow MOREons!

With this brief respite from our “Shake ‘n Bake” temperatures, we begin to long for those cool days of Autumn, and what better way to spend a relaxing October day than at an Alumni Picnic.

The pandemic forced us to cancel in 2020 but things are beginning to look up, so we’re going to give it another go.

This year we’re back at Ft. Lowell Park (Ramada 1) and as always, we will bring the usual picnic supplies. We’ll have burgers and dogs and drinks (and if we run low, we’ll send out for MORE.)
If you can bring a side dish, great! If you can’t, come anyway! (Sorry, we can’t provide for special diets.)

Saturday, October 23
Ft. Lowell Park ramada #1 (near the playground)
11:00 – 3:00

This is a family event, and our ramada is near the playground, so bring the kids!

Attendees will be expected to follow whatever health guidelines are in place on the day of the picnic. Tucson Parks and Rec has a no glass bottle policy so if you bring beverages, please stick to plastic or metal containers.

Expect to see more annoying reminders as the date grows near 😉