26 September, 2022

Greetings fellow MOREons!
The National Weather Service insists Summer is over, so it’s time to start planning our 2022 Alumni Picnic.
Saturday, November 5
Ft. Lowell Park, Ramada #1
11:00 – 3:00
This year we’re back at Ft. Lowell Park (Ramada 1) and as always, we will bring the usual picnic supplies. We’ll have burgers and dogs and drinks (and if we run low, we’ll send out for MORE.)

If you can bring a side dish, great! If you can’t, come anyway! (Sorry, we can’t provide for special diets.)
This is a family event, and our ramada is near the playground, so bring the kids!
Tucson Parks and Rec has a no glass bottle policy so if you bring beverages, please stick to plastic or metal containers.
We need a few volunteers to show up about an hour before the start time to chase away “ramada squatters” and help set up, and a few more to stay late and help clean up.
Expect to see more annoying reminders as the date grows near.
Hope to see you there!

13 July, 2022

More sad news to report.
Long time Project MORE Social Studies teacher Gail Schellhorn has passed away.
Former PM Librarian Kate Gallion said Gail’s husband George informed her this evening of Gail’s passing.
No services are planned at this time.
Requiescat In Pace Gail.

Added July 15

A Haiku From John Kundrat
Gail Schellhorn
Fun witty humor
School foundation funds treasurer
Big Diamondbacks fan

1 July, 2022

Work in progress … converting PDF files to flipbooks. 

Why flipbooks?  MUCH faster load times, easier to view full screen, easier downloading and more.

Completed to date:

1981-2 Yearbook 1984 Yearbook
1990 Yearbook 1991 Yearbook
1992 Yearbook 1993 Yearbook
  1995 Yearbook
1996 Yearbook  
  1999 Yearbook
  2001 Yearbook
2002 Yearbook  
2004 Yearbook 2005 Yearbook
2006 Yearbook 2007 Yearbook
2008 Yearbook 2009 Yearbook
2010 Yearbook 2011 Yearbook